This is our first real article. So forgive me if there are some mistakes. This article is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess empression. When the twilight princess begins you start as link. Link is a farm hand in the village he lives in called Tauru Village. Link goes and uses the whool from his oxen looking creatures to make a whistle for his horse. So he can play eponas song. You can play a mini-game where you grab your cattle (as we will call them) and throw them down. Then they charge at you and you have to grab & throw them down again. Then link can call his horse and hord all of the cattle into the barn. Then he can go and meet the villagers before he sets out on an adventure. The children from links town are being kidnaped. As he sets out to find them a mystery unfolds. When you do set out on your quest the first dungeon is like Woodfall from MM. You have to help the monkeys to get to the end of the Dungeon or Temple as we have been known to call the Dungeons in the zelda game. The end boss is a giant moblin. He rides on a horse and runs away from you as his littler moblins chase you. When you hit him about eight times you have to go one-on-one with him. There you have to run up to his side and slash him. When you are done with this you "probably" can go on to the twilight zone where link discovers he can turn into a wolf. The boss of the game has not yet been confirmed but all nintendo has said is that it will one again revlove arounf the Triforce. That the Courage will belong to link. The Wisdom will belong to Zelda. And Power will belong to ?????. I beleive that it is once again ganon because he has always had the triforce of power. But your guess is as good as mine. We will have to find out on November 14, 2005. For more information goto Gamespot, or Nintendo LTD. Top of Page. Posed on Wednesday, June 1st, 2005, by Linkthemaster383 Go Back Refresh Forward
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