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About Joining our Network

What we Require
What You Get

If you own a Legend of Zelda related site, in the future you may apply but for the moment we are not excepting any hostees

What we require:

What you get:

Do I have to pay for hosting?
No, all you have to do is put our google adds on your site, that is it.

Do you support PHP, and SSI
Yes, PHP, and SSI are both supported.

Will we have a Control Panel?
Yes, the control panel will let you fully manage your site.

Is there a hit requirement?
No, although we do require a webcounter we do not have a hit requirement.

Can I run my own banners?
No, that will decrease the chance of clicking ours.

If I need help, will you be there to assist me?
If it's dealing with server issues, yes, Scripting Issues, yes, send an e-mail to
linkthemaster383 for scripting help.

How about domain hosting?
Yes, you can get domain hosting if you are an honorary member and are with us for awhile you will be allowed to switch to domain hosting.

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