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Written By: Dylan Burford.

You probably and/or maybe came here today thinking something of the sort like PHP, SSI, CGI, PERL, even XML. Well slow down there cowboy your gonna give yourself whiplash. You need to learn some HTML first. SSI will be what I will post next but first you need to learn this. The first thing you need to know is that html sands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Now start reading!!! Check out CSS help

Need HTML help? Then you have came to the right place

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Make simple text

Simple text

This is the first lesson on how to create creative websites. To make simple text the first thing you need to know is the tags. When you have tags you put one on the begining of the words such as <h?> replace the ? with the number you want the size to be (we will get to that later). After the <h?> you would put your text. Say your text is I love zelda 3 83. You would put <h?>I love zelda 3 83. But you can't leave the end open becuase then the text will not look the way you want it to. So you must put a tag on the end of it. The end will always have the / on it so your text would look like this <h?>I love zelda 3 83</h?>. Then it would turn out to look like this: I love zelda 3 83. I metioned earlier that The ? would have to be changed other wise your text would look like this: <h?>I love zelda 3 83</h?>. You dont want that. The sizes are <h1> That is the largest size you can get (with basic HTML, which is what I am teaching you). Then Comes <h2> second largest. <h3> third largest. <h4> This is getting smaller (this is the size I use). Then <h5> Getting really small. Then comes <h6> the second to smallest size (the size I use for the copyright at the end of each page. Well there is the end of Learn HTML Chapter 1: Simple Text. Cominig soon Learn HTML Chapter 2: Make Links.

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