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the legend of zelda




Link - Link, The hero of time. He is of course the main character in the game. You will control link through various dungeons. By the end of the game you will have collected enough things to beat the great evil king Ganon.

Princess - Young and energetic, she is captured by Ganondorf early in the game in his quest to seek the triforce. She is gifted with many things. You will have to rescue the princess from the vile reach of Ganondorf.

Impa - Impa is one of the last surviving Sheikahs. She will help you in your quest. She loves Zelda very much. When Hyrule Castle was attacked, Impa was injured. She will help Link in his quest to save Hyrule.

Old Man - A kind and wise man that lurks through the several caves and dungeons of Hyrule. This man is said to have some magic powers and abilities, but no one has any proof. This old man will give Link his first sword.

Old Woman - She is rather skilled in the art of making potions, but will not hand them out to anyone. She only accepts customers with a Letter from the old man, for then she will sell her healing potions to Link.

Shopkeeper - This man runs many shops around Hyrule. You will have to look closely for his shops sometimes. He sells many things.



Block the fireballs he fires at you with the Magic Shield. Use either bombs or the sword to attack his head.

Either plant a bomb in front of him for him to eat, or attack him with one in the smoke.
Keep taking out his heads with a bomb or your sword. He moves faster each time you attack him, so watch out!
Dodge and ignore the heads that deattach from the body, and attack the body with your sword.
Use the whistle, and when he seperates, attack him with your sword or bombs.
Dodge or block his attacks, and attack his weak spot, his eye, with your bow. It isn't easy!
When you start out, Ganon will be invisible! Dodge the beams of magic. Use the Magic Sword to attack the area that is casting the magic. If you hit him, he will appear for a second. Hit him 4 times, he will reveal himself. Now start attacking him with your Silver Arrows. Hit him once, and Zelda and Hyrule will be free of the clutches of Ganon!

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