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Top Info

Nintendo is thinking of canceling the wind waker 2 to work on a new take on zelda. So that every new zelda game features adult link...

Wind waker Gaiden

About a year ago (and I regret never mentioning) nintendo said that sometime in the next thousand years they would released a sequal to the wind waker because true legend of zelda fanz did not care about the "cartoony" graphics. Just because It looks like a cartoon doesn't mean it can't kick ass!!!

on monday, July 26, 2005, @ 1:05 a.m. by linkthemaster383

Happy B-DAY

Today marks the 7th BirthDay of ZeldaReview (the first zelda site created by linkthemaster383). So thanks to you loyal fans who suported zeldareview and zelda 3 83.

on monday, July 25, 2005, @ 11:28 p.m. by linkthemaster383

Back Up

Well the site is back up. Its hard to beleive it but I had to start from scratch. There was a problem with the javascript so I had to redo the site. But The site looks pretty good I think. It does have some problems with the php. You'll se things like br> and / someplaces but it doesn't matter when we switch servers It will be perfect. I think you'll like what I have in store for Zelda 3 83. I think this site is gonna look pretty good. But I don't know you'll be the judge of that.

on thursday, July 21, 2005, @ 12:45 a.m. by linkthemaster383

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