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The Legend of ZELDA 2?! At E3 2004 Nintendo anounced that they were going to start on a new zelda game that would be released at the end of this year. Its was first gonna be called TLOZ Gamecube, Then they just called it TLOZ (tentive title) But now at EBgames in my mall they have the case to the new game which they are going to be calling TLOZ 2. -dylan

Sorry its been so long since i've edited this site. I'm gonna get right to work on a walkthrough to majora's mask and Ocarina of Time. Now that we've gotten rid of our virus/SpyWare problem it won't take me so long. But the site will be getting better soon. I'll keep posting and you keep reading. -Dylan Burford

Its here!!! The Zelda 2 trailer is here and its freakin' awesome. You can watch it on

If you haven't noticed zelda383 is my new zeldareview. Zeldareview will still be edited on and off but mostly im editing zelda 383. Zelda 383 is nothing complicated. Its not named after a new game on a new system, Its just zelda 383. if you have started a zelda site of your own I can add you to my site just email me at, -posted by dylan

I applied to zelda central so that we can be affilliated because the people on my affilliate list aren't really zelda sites. There just sites about really nothing. So hopefully I'll get some affilliates so we will become a better site. -posted by robot_killer

I am going to try and get a walkthrough to the ocarina of time, I asked one of my favorite walkthrough writers Nemisis if I can use his. He hasn't wrote me back yet. Sadly robot_killer2 hasn't wrote a TLOZ: ocarina of Time walkthrough/faq. So we'll see what happens from here. -DYLAN

Last month since my computer had a viruse I couldn't pay tripod, and so they canceled my service. But this month I plan to start paying them again so we can just be called

I actually started writing A story about Majras mask. I will start posting it when Link gets to clock town. Soon I will start making flash walkthroughs to zelda games

I have reasently added a hostees page so people can have a website from my site which would mean that there site would be I already have two hostees.

I got A new thing added to our site. I got a poll added to it. The bad thing is I don't have a good html person. I'm going to get one off