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Zelda: The Quest for the Nine Scrolls

The MMORPG by Dylan Burford

I am building an MMORPG based on the legend of zelda. It will not be a huge mmo, It will just take place in Hyrule & termina. But ot huge parts just Hyrule castle, Hyrule feild, Lon Lon Ranch, Lake Hylia, Death Mountain, Termina Feild, Clock Town, SnowHead, and pretty much all of the Termina cities. It will be 2-D. I am building usind JAVA. On a tetris engine and a chatroom engine. So it will hold up to 200-300 people per server. I am not really familliar with either. I have to learn how to build a game like tetris. Then combine it with a chatroom script. It will be quite the challenge. You can expect it in a year or two. There will be nine dungeons, Ikana, Snowhead, Death Mountain, Lake Hylia (zora's domain), Great Bay, Southern & eastern swamp, Hyrule Castle, and The Clock Tower. You will be able to complete these dungeons with a group of people. Making it easierto complete the game. There will be probably 5-10 professions. I am not sure what they will be yet. It will have the ALTTP feal only more, well, MMORPGish. You will start out with clothes, and then be able to buy new ones to change into.

h4>I am looking for lots of help. If you know JAVA (NOTJavascript.) e-mail me at dead_dylan665@hotmail.com.

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