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Majoras mask story


"wake up link, wake up!!!"
"I'm awake"
"you don't have to wake me up so early zelda"
"today they reward you for saving hyrule"
"that was three months ago, zelda"
"so what" zelda said "that was a brave thing you did, going out there and saving everyone.  You didn't owe them anything, but you saved them.
"ya" said link,"but navi was locked in the the master sword chamber"
"oh well link, your a hero" said zelda
"I guess"
"I'll meet you at town market"
"see you there"
" I need a fairy" whispered link
"what?" asked zelda
"nothing" link said
"I have to get out of  hear" link said. "Time to sadle up Epona.  I may be only a 13 year old boy but navi was my first friend and I let her die.  I have to find a new friend."

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