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ZELDA 3 8 3

History of Zelda 383
the legend of zelda

zelda383 founded 2001

                                  ~-Page by dylan burford-~
   In the year 1999 i had just finnished beating the Ocarina of Time and I loved it so much I had to play all the zelda games.  By 2000 I heard news that they were going to release  new zelda game Majoras Mask, which was good because I needed a new zelda game. 
    In 2001 I finnished Majora's Mask and was ready for a new zelda game.  But the new one didn't come out for 2 years.  And I didn't want the GBC games so I was kinda mad. But I didn't mind because my sister was a really good site builder.  She taught me how to build sites and stuff.  And in late ocatober of 2001 I founded a msn group Zeldas Citidel.
    It got up to 30 members in its time.  Zeldas Citidel was rather good looking site
and it had cheats and everything but it was kinda hard to work with my dial up computer.  The next month my computer died.  I couldn't work on Zeldas Citidel for 95 days.  The bad thing..groups limit was 90 days of not working on your site and they'll shut it down.  So zeldas citidel was lost.  In july of 2002  I started a new zelda group.  Zeldareview...
   Zeldareview was a really good group.  Every month I changed its image.  But with dial up it made it hard to get online some times so I got a friend to be a co-host of zelda review.  His name was josh.  Together we made 60 members.  After awhile josh moved on and me and him made a new site together and we called it  And I quit zelda review. got a couple of people to come and sign the guest book.  After a year we quit gamereviewzone.  Zeldareview had been closed down but I reopened it so I could still have a zelda site.
    We restarted and we made the new I didn't think that msn groups would work for long so in september 2004 I went to tripod and started zelda 3 8 3.  Zelda 383 is nothing complicated. Its not named after a new game on a new system, Its just zelda 383.
I just like the numbers 3 and 8. 
    So I started this sight.  About 2 months into it my computer got a virus and I had to stop working on it.  But febuary 2005 I got DSL and we got rid of the virus so I could easily work on my dream zelda sight. 
   So thats it. Zelda 3 8 3 has withstood viruses, spyware,  Dead computers and lowsy web survers.
The site ive used are,

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