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If you want to be a member of the site staff. Then you must apply to the rules below:

Zelda 3 83 is a site that is getting pretty big. So if you want to help with it you know and be a fan of the legend of zelda.
You Must Know at least HTML. I don't require you to know any Javascript, CGI, SSI, and any other knowledge such as C,C++.

If you beleive you meet these requirements click the link below

Zelda 3 83 is currently looking for:

  • Feild reporter to find info on upcoming zelda games

  • People to find pictures for us

  • Walkthrough writers

  • Co-Webmaster:
  • Co-Webmaster is probably one of the hardest jobs on the site. You must know HTML, CGI, and a little Java. You must know a ton about zelda. And you must show me proof that you canscript the things on the list above.
  • Content writer
  • You write reviews, previews, and anything else We have 3 spots left for content writer.

    Click Here

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