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It was christmas 1997, I woke up and ran to the living room. I loved christmas. But I didn't know thi was the christmas that would change my life... My sisters came into the living room followed by my parents... We all stood around. Then we got a box... It was a quite large box. We opened it and in the box, was a nintendo 64...

I played mario 64 for a year until one day my dad came home with another box, This box said something in big letters. It said ZELDA the ocarina of time...It took me two years to beat that game. But when I beat it I felt a since of acomplishment. But I needed more. Much more. That game wan't enough. I had played a link to the past but it was nothing like this game. This game was the best game I had ever played. I thought I would never play another game like it.

In 2000 Majora's Mask came out and I saved up and bought it. It took me about 3 months to beat it. They said that it shouldn't even be considered a Zelda game. Well now that I have played every zelda game (and beat them) I do NOT agree. I thing it was one of the best zelda games. But thats beside the point. My sister introduced me to groups.msn.com. She showed me how to use there page builder to build websites. I founded Zelda Review.

Zelda Review was a good site (or atleased as good as it could get) But it wasn't good enough. So I started to look around to find a good server with a pretty good site bulder. I never found one. What I found was what would change my site buisness forever. I found Zelda Central. I found it through Ask Jeeves. Zelda Central was from then on my favorite Zelda Site. There I started to get ideas. I read there history page and found Tripod.

With tripod I started and acount and named it ZeldaFanz. I am not sure what happened but it came out as Zelda383. I am actually happy that happened though. Its a good name. I used there page builder to make an ugly design. But I got tons of hits. At least fifty each day. So I kept the design. But I new I would get more If I had affilliates. So I went to zshrine.com and asked for affilliation. The letter was something that also changed my Life.

Hi Dylan,

It's good that you're proud of your site, that seems promising.
However, I
can't affiliate with you. If you grow and continue to improve your
site, I
will be happy to affiliate with you.
Things I based this upon is the coding, the design and the lack of
If you want to learn HTML and code your site, this is a good site to
http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_ref_byfunc.asp Sincerely,
Carl Janson

I went to the site and learned html, then xml, then css. In about a month I learned all that stuff. And so I closed zelda 3 83 and began to think up tons of different layouts. I bought a book on HTML, XML, and CSS. I learned advanced tables but I still couldn't think of a good design. Then I thought of Zelda Central. I used there layout as a basic picture and I built the layout you see today. But I got a bunch of pages and It became to hard to update. So I learned Server Side Include from http://www.zeldaconnection.net. That made it much easier to update. And now I am very proud of the Site...


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